Writing Services

The title “author” probably isn’t one you ever envisioned.

Technology has done its part in changing the way we do things. Many of us no longer calculate math problems because we have calculators. Many of us do not bother with maps or directions because most of us own navigation systems. Many of us can’t recall the last time we handwrote a letter, simply because email and internet technologies make other means of communication far more efficient. There is one realm of society that technology has yet to take over—and that’s writing.

What business can survive without a written description?

Most companies today have websites. On these websites are pages and pages of information—about us, product details, how it works, careers, etc. Let’s be honest. As the person who does it all, do you really have the time to sit and write website content? Well, maybe, but in most cases it’s a task you’d gladly pass on to someone else. Practical Hire writers and editors are experts in not only writing, but writing to showcase a company’s personality and objective.

Writing services are tailored for your needs.

Whether you need information added to your website, a company brochure created and typed, or updates to your employee manual—writing is a skill required by all businesses. It’s normal to have a never-ending to-do list, and sometimes finding the time to write, simply isn’t available. No worries. Pass it on to us and we’ll make sure your message is delivered.

It’s okay to get a little feedback.

We totally encourage people to explore the vastness of literature. Every writer has a unique style and delivery approach. If you enjoy writing, or if writing is a task frequently expected of you, the virtual assistants at Practical Hire are available to review, edit and proofread your work. With this service, you can be sure your work is 100% ready for publishing.