Why Choose Us

Everything your business needs to succeed.

Operating a business is difficult, but many of us still take on the challenge. We research the startup costs and weigh maintenance expenses. Utility bills, office equipment, office supplies—we do our best to calculate the costs. Unfortunately, many of us don’t understand the reality of these costs until we’ve plunged our way into debt, stress and aggravation. Luckily, the world is changing. New conveniences make our lives less chaotic. Technology saves us time, energy and money. Resourceful alternatives give us the opportunity to spend more time at home, or building on our dreams. That’s our goal as your virtual assistant, to give you the best opportunity to succeed. By utilizing a 100% online interface, we cut the cost of running your business while providing you with a modern and effective cooperative employee network. We are your 21st century business strategy.

Characteristics That Define Us

1. We want to build a relationship with you.
Relationships are born when two parties meet, but lasting relationships are created on the basis of respectful and mutually beneficial exchanges. We hope to fulfill our responsibility as your partner by consistently providing you practical and cost-effective services.

2. We genuinely take an interest in your business.
We are advocates for people who take risks to fulfill their dreams. We too are a self-made company, built on research, experience and commitment. We truly encourage people to reach for their potential, and we are willing to share our knowledge with our clients.

3. We have the necessary experience.
No matter how experienced an employee, it is unlikely that he/she will have every skill required to run a business. Our all-in-one employee model gives us the opportunity to provide you with expertise in various realms of the business world. Your staff will include experienced writers, developers, designers, office managers, loan officers, life coaches, personal trainers, organizers, event planners, product marketers and sales managers.

4. We work on your tasks as soon as we receive them.
Many virtual assistance companies work within a task turn-around period of 24-48 hours. Our goal is to become your next employee, and we know that traditional employees complete tasks within a few minutes or a few hours, and certainly before the end of the workday. We take on the same principle. With a few exceptions (such as web development, design, etc.), we strive to get all tasks completed just like the traditional employee in your office.

5. We honestly care about our product.
Tasks can be completed by anyone, but the important question is, “How well will the task be completed?” We understand that our services are not only a reflection of us, but they are a reflection of you, our customer as well. This ideology is how we approach each and every one of our tasks, big or small.

6. We truly believe in paperless businesses.
From our billing to our document development, we run our business completely paperless. We even use digital stickie notes! We are ready to help you turn your business into a fully functional digital enterprise, saving you valuable money and a few environmental footprints.

7. We’re virtual, but we aren’t robots.
We are capable of working for your business without stepping a foot into your office, but we strive to maintain a high degree of humanness throughout our working partnership. Whether you need a basic question answered or have an issue with one of our policies, we promise to handle your case thoughtfully and professionally.

8. We’ll make sure you are comfortable in your virtual setting.
The idea of having a virtual employee and a virtual office can be overwhelming. We have done our very best to make this transition as smooth as possible, but we understand that getting started may be a challenge. We promise to be here during each and every step. Our support staff is available during normal business hours (9am-9pm EST) to assist you with any questions or concerns you may face during this process.

9. If we don’t know it, we’re willing to learn it.
We understand that in some cases, businesses will have very specific requests outside of our normal services. If you need us to learn a program or system specific to your company, we have no problem in doing so. Simply Contact Us, and we will review your request and assign the best virtual assistant for the task.

10. Our sick days won’t affect you.
Whether we get to work late, have to leave early, or can’t make it in at all, your tasks will be completed. Our multimember staff and management team are devoted to your tasks and will ensure that they are always done properly and on time.