Web Development

Could we ever survive without the Internet?

The Internet has given us the gift of convenience, the ability to explore, the chance to learn and the opportunity to market. Most businesses today are linked to the Internet through their company website, blog and a variety of social media networks. It doesn’t matter if a company uses their website as an informational page, product store or communication point—people today are accessing company websites millions at a time, enabling businesses to reach far beyond normal expectations.

There are various ways to get a website up and running.

You can hire a private company (whose prices are probably incredibly expensive) to “build” your website using their preferred method. You can pick up a book, read through some tutorials, and give it a try yourself. Or . . . you can talk to us and get your project started now. (Yes, this service is REALLY included in our monthly package.) The virtual assistants at Practical Hire are expert web designers prepared to take on your market and give your company an amazing virtual presence.

How do we do it?

Our virtual assistants at Practical Hire are web-building professionals who utilize Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms to create incredible websites. This very popular and efficient program is used by thousands of well-known companies including: Ebay, Barnes & Nobles, Ford, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Sony . . . heck even governments across the world use CMS platforms. CMS platforms are very flexible, making them an excellent choice for any company needing a website.

Beyond the content . . .

Building a website is only half the work. Busy medical offices may be able to throw together a website and not worry about their page ranking. They probably utilize their website as a focal point for patient information and appointment scheduling, but their demand to “draw in” new patients is low. Most companies however, are fighting to get customers. They need a high page rank in search engines to draw more eyes to their website. This can be done in many ways via search engine optimization (SEO)—meta keywords, title tags, backlinks and directory submissions. Continued monitoring of these tactics through web statistics programs such as Google Analytics is the best way to track website growth. Your virtual assistants at Practical Hire are educated and experienced in this realm of web development, and they’re ready to bring traffic to your website.

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