Internet Services

Research made easy.

How many times have you opened up your browser and searched for information?

As your virtual employee, Practical Hire can take on the challenge of searching and reading through the million responses that pop up during Internet searches. Sometimes the task is simple—find me a 24/7 locksmith within the 10023 zip code. Other times, more in depth research is required. For example, you may want to replace all the computers in your office. The computers that you buy must match your program software, but you just don’t have the time to spend searching through all the brands and models. Well, hand it over to us at Practical Hire, and your virtual employee will take care of that for you.

Gathering information is important for any business. Sometimes you want to follow local competition, look up continuing education fees, find a cheaper uniform company, research travel accommodations, assess purchase trends—the possibilities are endless. The Internet has given everyone the opportunity to find information, but the most difficult part about it, is finding the time and the patience to pick through all the “results”. Good thing working on the web is your virtual employee’s expertise.

Many vendors today are selling online.

The office always “needs” something. Coffee, toilet paper, highlighters, ink cartridgesca—it seems like every day the office is out of something. With your virtual employee, you don’t have to spend extra hours after work picking up these necessities, nor do you have to send one of your employees out during peak production hours. Instead, toss us the list and get your supplies delivered to your door (by your company of choice of course).

There’s a certain ease and tranquility when you know things are getting done efficiently as they do with Practical Hire.