Email & Phone Services

Cellphones are awesome . . .

Too bad they can’t place calls on their own.

Even with the most advanced technologies available—there’s just never enough time to make every phone call and send every email. Lunch breaks are supposed to be relaxing. Going home is supposed to mean time spent with family. Technological advancements are supposed to make life easier. So why doesn’t it?

With every convenience is an added ability.

Remember twenty years ago how people could say, “Sorry, I wasn’t home,” when they missed an important phone call? It’s simply unrealistic today. The majority of us have cell phones and we’re only adding increased mobility with iPads and laptop computers. Businessmen can now work at the airport. Moms can check emails while strolling through the grocery store. Companies can send invoices and get paid within seconds. The accessibility is genius, but don’t you miss times without the buzz and ring of your nearest device?

Why don’t you let us do the talking?

The virtual assistants at Practical Hire are available to take on your burden. If you want to confirm client appointments or reschedule a meeting—we ’ll do that. If you want to have us send personalized responses for your meeting—we ’ll do that. If you just need someone to hop into your email account and clear out all those spam emails and maybe file the million emails you have—we ’ll do that. Our purpose as your virtual assistant is to relieve you of the tasks that technology keeps handing you.