Picasso goes virtual.

Having someone on your staff that can design practically anything is an incredible bonus. Most employers don’t look for “design” skills when hiring a receptionist or assistant—so imagine the luxury of having an artist added to your team.

As your designer, Practical Hire can take on any challenge. You may want to add a new feature on your website, create a new promotion ad, highlight some information, or just get a little more creative. Whether you know exactly what you want, or if you’re ready to hand us the reigns, we will make sure your ideal project is completed.

We never rush through a project just to get a “task” done.

Creating or enhancing logos is an innovative task that our virtual employees can take on. We know how important a logo is for a company—and for that reason we find it imperative that logo design is developed in a professional manner. Practical Hire promises to hear your ideas, concerns and questions when working with your company logo.

Let your virtual employee be a real bonus by allowing us to work on your more creative projects such as Power Point Presentations, company brochures, customer surveys or anything you want to incorporate in your business. Creativity is one of the best forms of expression—so get inspired, get innovated, get designing with your virtual employee!