A paper trail of stress

Often times tedious office paperwork can cause the most chaotic of situations. Practical Hire is more than capable of rescuing you from these unnecessary headaches. In some cases, business owners alone are responsible for getting and keeping documents organized. In other scenarios, businesses have office managers or assistants that play a vital role in getting things done, but isn’t it possible that their time could been spent on more dedicated tasks?

The joys of having Practical Hire . . .

Our virtual assistants are experts in working with Microsoft Office and Adobe. We can evaluate current documents, data charts, office forms, etc. to see how they can be enhanced, or we can create any necessary documents from scratch. Office letterheads, employee manuals, patient forms, employee schedules, work calendars—these are just a few of the things we can take care of for you.

Production and reconciliation tables are a great way of monitoring sales.

Whether you are a private dental office or a large law firm, knowing your production, collection and profit margin is important throughout the course of your business career. Add to that your expenses, taxes and employee costs, etc.—having a well organized, structured and easy-to-read portfolio displaying all your information is essential. We can easily convert any information into graphs, charts or tables for you to show an associate—or for your own business portfolio.

The world of Access databases . . .

. . . goes untouched by most, but Practical Hire has gone beyond that boundary. Microsoft Access Databases are powerful documents that allow you to organize various types of information and sort them accordingly. Imagine having your contacts, customers and vendors in one location—with the capability of being filtered by zip code, purchase point or any of your desired categories. As your virtual employee, Practical Hire can not only set-up your Access Database, we can maintain your Access Database and pull any reports you need.