About Us

A virtual assistance company specializing in your needs

Practical Hire is your super employee. An employee that works twelve hour shifts, takes no lunch breaks, and does not ask for paid vacations. One who is never sick, always on time, and does not waste your supplies. An employee that needs no additional motivation such as raises, commission, pep talks or disciplinary action.

As your virtual employee, Practical Hire gets your tasks done in an efficient and professional manner. We do not use the phrase “turn around period” because we are dedicated to your task as soon as we receive it. We use a project management system to organize, delegate, and complete all of your requested tasks. Within your virtual office, you are capable of monitoring work as you normally would any employee. In addition, our supervisors always review completed tasks before they are submitted to you.

Practical Hire was created with the idea of collaborating technology with a practical service industry. By systematically connecting the dots that separate the ideal employee from the employer, and by eliminating the expenses a traditional employee comes with such as paid holiday, paid vacation, overtime, bonuses, health insurance, disability, unemployment, worker’s compensation, office supplies, uniforms, etc.—we have successfully created a virtual employee with a skill set as wide as the world, and as American as the 4th of July. Yes, we only employ Americans, and yes, our prices are the most competitive in the virtual assistance industry.

Top 10 reasons to get started with us now

  1. We are YOUR employees, minus all the messy legal and costly matters.
  2. We get your tasks done ASAP, just like any traditional employee.
  3. We work when you have work for us. No need to “milk“ the clock.
  4. We supply our own equipment, saving you tons of additional money.
  5. We are entirely virtual, so we all lower our environmental footprint.
  6. We are flexible and accommodating. Need something done not on our list? No problem.
  7. We come as a package—you pay for one employee, but you’ll get all of our expertise.
  8. We normally handle business requests, but personal tasks are also included.
  9. We’re virtual, so move your office, do renovations, take a vacation—we’ll be here.
  10. We believe in your dreams, so let us help you achieve them.