The $45 Juggle

Whether you are a small business, giant corporation, or a stay-at-home mom, the bottom line is—hiring an extra set of hands cost too much. In one hand we have the “Obamacare Scare” coupled with the upward cost of hiring a full-time employee. And in the other, we have hardworking people just trying to get an edge over the competition. Overall, running a business or a household is not supposed to feel like juggling.

At Practical Hire . . . WE AGREE. Ringling Brothers is definitely a show to visit, but let’s not live there. We know money is tight . . . so we are not going to ask you to spend more than you have. At the moment, the average American family brings home about $63,000, but after bills, food, and maybe a night at the movies, you probably only have $45 dollars left to spare. Well guess what? $45 dollars is all you need to test-drive your virtual assistant.

Yes, we are serious. For $45 dollars you will get a virtual assistant to help you with administrative services, basic and extensive web inquiries, SEO, web design . . . to just being your virtual personal assistant. If you think it’s too good to be true, then Practical Hire is doing its job.

Sign up for your $45 trial now.

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